Florian Ledoux photographe – Voir, Témoigner, Protéger

« To See, Witness, and Protect »



«Photography has always been my way of expression; it gives me a different perspective on the world, a new way to observe my surroundings and especially the means to capture moments of life to share with others».

During my childhood, my parents gave me a taste for travel and born in me another way to see, and to observe the Earth without knowing that I will find in it my life power.

During my expeditions, it is as an autodidact that I made the first steps of photographer. I finally found my photographic identity after following the course of reporter image of the French Navy.

Through my passions: photography, sport, traveling, hostile environment survival, I forged a life experience that allows me to transcribe forcefully emotions that can arise in us the beauty of nature and peoples of the North.

Always in search of places where nature reigns, where the colors of the earth are never the same, where men have a history, where meetings forge the spirit, alone or accompanied, I travel the world to share this passion with all of you and above all, make you aware of nature’s fragility